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European Standard
Electronic Reliability Prediction

The IEC-61709 module supports the reliability prediction methods based on the European Prediction Standard IEC-61709. This module is predominantly based on the Siemens Prediction Standard SN-29500, as well as conforming to section 19 for PCBs and section 20 for the Hybrid Circuits within the European Prediction Standard IEC-62380 (RDF 2000/UTE C 80-810).

The IEC-61709 module provides models for reliability prediction of electronic components, printed circuit board and equipment extrapolated of failure rates from referenced  conditions to other operating conditions that permits the prediction of failure rates at assembly level.

ITEM ToolKit platform offers the linking of source failure rate data to and from other prediction modules as well as having powerful import/export capabilities. The IEC-61709 module can be used to obtain failure data from other ToolKit prediction modules as well as sourced failure rates, either direct from the component manufacturers or organisations who have failure rate databases that contain collected field reliability data. This data will provide the base failure rate for the ITEM ToolKit IEC-61709 module, which along with the user defined application parameters specified in the IEC-61709 standard, would provide the complete reliability prediction analysis based on the IEC-61709 module.

For a list of referenced documents that are indispensable for the application of this method click here.

IEC 62380 | Telcordia

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Powerful and user friendly IEC 61709 standard reliability prediction software

Linked block facility reduces repetitive data entry

Redundancy modeling including hot standby

Multi systems within the same project

Extensive component libraries to reduce entry time

Multi document interface allows easy transfer of data

Powerful charting facilities