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Reliability and Risk Training

You have the best Reliability and Risk software available on the market, now come and learn the methodologies from experts in the field. Our instructors have many years of reliability, risk, and safety engineering experience in a variety of industries, government, and academia. You will learn the foundations of the techniques, and benefit from real-world examples and experiences.

Our location... your office... via the Internet... you choose!

The one-on-one or small group approach we take purposely maintains focus on you. The combination of lecture, hands-on time, and relevent discussions, enable you to gain far more knowledge and ability than from a large generic class. Our classes with hands-on periods are designed to hone your skills with our tools, all the while remaining focused on your needs. Any class can be further customized to suit your specific situation.

We offer these classes primarily at our Anaheim, California, USA and Fareham, Hampshire, UK offices. However, they are also being delivered worldwide at customer locations upon request. We also offer these classes via web sessions on a per-hourly basis. Please contact us directly to discuss you specific goals and needs.

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1 Day Introductory Training to Reliability and Safety
ITEM ToolKit: Fault Tree, Event Tree & Markov
ITEM ToolKit: Reliability Prediction, FMECA & Fault Tree
ITEM ToolKit Workshop
Advanced Reliability Topics
Safety Modeling
Introduction to Fault Tree Analysis
Risk Assessment
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Training Courses

1 Day Introduction to Reliability & Safety
1 Day - Workshop
This one day training provides an overview of the basic concepts used in the field of reliability. It also illustrates the commonly used methodologies using a step-by-step example for a new project.
ITEM ToolKit Workshops
2 or 3 Days - Workshop
Designed to provide hands-on training on our flagship Reliability software, ITEM ToolKit. Includes a summary of the methodologies that relate to each module.
Advanced Reliability Topics
3 Days - Lecture
Provides an overview of a variety of advanced reliability techniques, such as Reliability Assessment, Bayesian Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Markov Chain Analysis and Fault Tree Analysis.
Safety Modeling
3 Days - Lecture / Workshop
Basic to advanced safety modeling concepts and techniques. Objective is to learn how to identify management, engineering, and technical safety-related risks and to enhance risk management/controls to ensure acceptable risks, system safety and liability claims defense.
Introduction to Fault Tree Analysis
2 Days - Lecture / Workshop
Provides an introduction to Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), including Fault Tree construction, basic probability theory, minimal cut sets, component failure and repair models, importance and confidence analysis and common cause failures.
Risk Assessment
3 Days - Lecture / Workshop
Provides an overview of PRA concepts and their applications to simple and complex systems and processes. Topics include: Introduction of risk terminology, Risk metrics, Risk perception, Risk management, Methods for risk scenario development (e.g., Event Trees and Fault Trees), and methods of solution.







Reliability Courses